What Is The Best Sofa Bed For Your Home?

Sleeper sofas are a fantastic invention that combine comfort with convenience. If you’ve ever needed a cozy place to crash at a friend’s house, or struggled to fit a bed and a couch in your home, you know that a sleeper sofa might be a great option for you.

Before you purchase a sleeper sofa, there’s a few things that should be considered. As a space-saving invention, the sofa sleeper is very popular. However, you’ll want to think about the type of home or apartment you live in, the size of your living situation, how many family members you have, which room you want to put the sleeper sofa in, and what other functions that room has. Here are a few points to help assist you in choosing the right sleeper sofa to perfect your home!

There are four types of sleeper sofas. They all look pretty similar overall, but have different mechanisms and considerations. Let’s look quickly at each of the four types.

Stylish and Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

Futon Sofa Sleepers

A futon has a metal or wooden frame with a mattress on top. It slides flat to create a bed and can be folded up to make up the back rest and seat of a sofa. As a bed, it’s comfortable, but it tends to be a firm couch. Futons are a basic and popular sleeper sofa model and have the advantage of a minimalist frame that takes up relatively little space in your room.


Usually used in rooms that are not used regularly, daybeds have a single mattress in a frame with taller back and sides that provide the look of a formal sofa. Daybeds may lack the cushion and comfort expected in a standard sofa.

Standard Foldout Sofa Beds

This is a popular type of sleeper sofa in which the mattress easily slides in and out from under the sofa cushions. You won’t lose the comfort of a good sofa and still have the convenience of a pull out bed, but may find a foldout fills up a bit more space in your home.

Pullout Pop-Up Sleeper Sofas

This is a very popular type of sleeper sofa. When the couch cushions are removed, the mattress folds out and is supported with thick fabric and springs. These models have a number of available options, such as innerspring, foam, and air combinations. This type of sleeper sofa is very comfortable, but takes comparatively more room in your living space.

Other Things To Look For When Choosing a Sleeper Sofa

Once you understand the different types of sleeper sofas that are available, here are some additional criteria to consider before making your big purchase.

  • Space

This is always an important consideration when you are planning to purchase any piece of furniture. Even though a sleeper sofa saves space overall, don’t forget to consider how it will fit in your room when folded up and in use as a couch.

  • Budget

Of course, you’ll need to think about how much you can spend on your purchase. Space saving solutions such as sleeper sofas are helpful, but can be a little more expensive than standard furniture since they are newer on the market and because the internal mechanism costs more to produce than a simple couch.

  • Frequency Of Use

Any furniture piece in your home has its own frequency of use. Some pieces will be used several times daily while others will be used only on rare occasions. So take time to consider how often you’ll use your furniture. You may find that a dual purpose piece such as a sleeper sofa is a better option for you than a separate bed and couch.

  • Urgency

Likely, you need a sleeper sofa because you live in a smaller living space or like to have overnight guests. Since furniture is a big investment, take time to think about your needs and research so you can make the best choice.

  • The Room

Determine the needs of the room where you want to put your new sleeper sofa. Furniture can really complete a room, or be a space hogging inconvenience, so you’ll want to figure out how you plan to arrange your home and rooms before buying anything.

  • Firmness Level

When you are buying furniture that uses foam, you’ll want to determine how firm or soft you want it to be. Usually sofas come in soft, medium, and firm consistencies so you can choose what feels most comfortable for you.

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Furniture can be an amazing investment for your home or living space that maximizes comfort, convenience, and space. Measure, research, and choose the right pieces for your home. You’ll love having a sofa sleeper for those late night sleepovers and family guests!

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